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IPGPC(7IPP)							   IPGPC(7IPP)

       ipgpc - IP Generic Packet Classifier

       The IP Generic Packet Classifier (ipgpc) module provides packet classi‐
       fication at the Solaris IP layer. ipgpc is  an  implementation  of  the
       Multi-Field  (MF)  classifier  as described in RFC2475: An Architecture
       for Differentiated Services.

       The classifier is configured, at startup or dynamically, using a set of
       "filters."  Filters  describe  selectors that are matched against input
       packets that are processed by the classifier.  Some  selectors  feature
       exact  matching data points, while others utilize non-exact or wildcard
       data points.

       Each filter is associated with a class describing the next  actions  to
       process	a packet. There is a many-to-one (M-to-1) mapping relationship
       between filters and a class. Additionally, each class is aware of which
       filters are associated with it. A class is configured with a class name
       and a next action.

       Unlike traditional classifiers used in edge routers, ipgpc is  designed
       for a host or server device. A host-based classifier provides access to
       more resources and data than edge routers. User, project, and interface
       information are available at the host.

       The  ipgpc  module  exports  global and per-class statistics (available
       through kstat:)

       Global statistics:

	 module: ipgpc				 instance:<action id>
	 name:	 ipgpc global stats		 class: <action name>
		 nbytes				 <number of classified bytes>
		 nclasses			 <number of classes>
		 nfilters			 <number of filters>
		 npackets			 <number of classified packets>
		 epackets			 <number of packets in error>

       Per-class statistics:

	 module: ipgpc				 instance:<action id>
	 name:	 <class name>			 class: <action name>
		 last match			 <time of last match>
		 nbytes				 <number of classified bytes>
		 npackets			 <number of classified packets>

				    64-bit module (SPARC only.)

       ipqosconf(1M),	  dlcosmk(7ipp),     dscpmk(7ipp),     flowacct(7ipp),
       ipqos(7ipp), tokenmt(7ipp), tswtclmt(7ipp)

       RFC  2475,  An  Architecture  for  Differentiated Services S. Blake, D.
       Black, M. Carlson, E. Davies, Z. Wang, W. Weiss — The Internet Society,

				 Sep 29, 2004			   IPGPC(7IPP)

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