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       grephistory - display file names from Usenet history file

       grephistory [ -f filename ] [ -e ] [ -n ] [ -q ] [ -l ] [ -i ] [ -s ] [
       messageid ]

       Grephistory queries the dbz(3) index into the history(5)	 file  for  an
       article having a specified Message-ID.

       If  messageid cannot be found in the database, the program prints ``Not
       found'' and exits with a non-zero status.  If messageid is in the data‐
       base,  the  program  prints the pathname and exits successfully.	 If no
       pathname exists, the program will print ``/dev/null'' and exit success‐
       fully.	This  can  happen when an article has been cancelled, or if it
       has been expired but its history is still retained.   This  is  default
       behaviour, which can be obtained by using the ``-n'' flag.

       If  the ``-q'' flag is used, then no message is displayed.  The program
       will still exit with the appropriate exit status.  If the  ``-e''  flag
       is  used,  then grephistory will only print the filename of an existing

       If the ``-l'' flag is used then the entire line from the	 history  file
       will be displayed.

       If  the	``-i'' flag is used, then grephistory will read a list of Mes‐
       sage-ID's on standard input, one per line.  Leading and trailing white‐
       space  is  ignored, as are any malformed lines.	It will print on stan‐
       dard output those Message-ID's which are not found in the history data‐
       base.  This flag is used in processsing ``ihave'' control messages.

       If  the	``-s'' flag is used, then grephistory will read a similar list
       from its standard input.	 It will print on standard output  a  list  of
       filenames  for each article that is still available.  This flag is used
       in processsing ``sendme'' control messages.

       To specify a different value for the history file and database, use the
       ``-f'' flag.

       Written	by  Rich  $alz <> for InterNetNews.  This is
       revision 1.5, dated 1993/01/29.

       dbz(3), history(5).


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