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fesetprec(3M)		Mathematical Library Functions		 fesetprec(3M)

       fesetprec, fegetprec - control floating point rounding precision modes

       c99 [ flag... ] file... -lm [ library... ]
       #include <fenv.h>

       int fesetprec(int prec);

       int fegetprec(void);

       The IEEE 754 standard defines rounding precision modes for systems that
       always deliver intermediate results to destinations in extended	double
       precision  format.  These modes allow such systems to deliver correctly
       rounded single and double precision results (in the absence  of	under‐
       flow and overflow) with only one rounding.

       The  fesetprec()	 function  sets	 the current rounding precision to the
       precision specified by prec, which must be one of the following	values
       defined in <fenv.h>:

       FE_FLTPREC     round to single precision

       FE_DBLPREC     round to double precision

       FE_LDBLPREC    round to extended double precision

       The default rounding precision when a program starts is FE_LDBLPREC.

       The fegetprec() function returns the current rounding precision.

       The  fesetprec()	 function  returns  a  non-zero value if the requested
       rounding precision is established and 0 otherwise.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       │Architecture		      Intel (see below)		   │
       │Availability		      SUNWlibms			   │
       │Interface Stability	      Stable			   │
       │MT-Level		      MT-Safe			   │

       These functions are not available on SPARC systems because  SPARC  pro‐
       cessors	deliver intermediate results to destinations in single or dou‐
       ble format as determined by each floating point instruction.

       fegetenv(3M), fesetround(3M), attributes(5)

       Numerical Computation Guide

SunOS 5.11			  12 Jul 2006			 fesetprec(3M)

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