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EDAC-CTL(8)		      EDAC admin utility		   EDAC-CTL(8)

       edac-ctl - EDAC admin utility

       edac-ctl [OPTION]...

       The  edac-ctl  program  is  a perl(1) script which performs some useful
       administration tasks for EDAC (Error Detection and Correction) drivers.

       --help Display a brief usage message.

	      Attempt to determine the name of a valid	EDAC  driver  for  the
	      current	 hardware.    This   uses   a	driver	 database   in
	      /etc/edac/driver.db, along with the output of lspci(8).

	      Print mainboard vendor and model for this	 hardware,  if	availā€
	      able.   This  option  requires  that the dmidecode(8) utility be
	      installed, and must be run as root.

       --load Load EDAC drivers.

	      Unload EDAC drivers.

	      Print the status of EDAC drivers (loaded or unloaded).

	      Register motherboard DIMM labels into EDAC driver	 sysfs	files.
	      This  option  uses the detected mainboard manufacturer and model
	      number in combination with a "labels  database"  file  found  in
	      /etc/edac/labels.db.  An	entry  for  the	 current hardware must
	      exist in the labels database for this option to do anything.

	      Display the configured labels for the current hardware, as  well
	      as the current labels registered with EDAC.

	      Specify an alternate location for the labels database.

	      Specify and alternate location for the EDAC driver database.

       edac(3), edac-util(1)

@META_ALIAS			  2007-05-08			   EDAC-CTL(8)

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