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DOVEADM-AUTH(1)			    Dovecot		       DOVEADM-AUTH(1)

       doveadm-auth - Test authentication for a user

       doveadm [-Dv] auth [-a auth_socket_path] [-x auth_info] user [password]

       The  auth  command can be used to test the authentication for the given

       Global doveadm(1) options:

       -D     Enables verbosity and debug messages.

       -v     Enables verbosity, including progress counter.

       Command specific options:

       -a auth_socket_path
	      This option is used to specify an absolute path to  an  alterna‐
	      tive UNIX domain socket.

	      By   default  doveadm(1)	will  use  the	socket	/var/run/dove‐
	      cot/auth-client.	The socket may be located  in  another	direc‐
	      tory,  when  the	default	 base_dir  setting  was	 overridden in

       -x auth_info
	      auth_info specifies additional conditions for the auth  command.
	      The  auth_info option string has to be given as name=value pair.
	      For multiple conditions the -x option could be supplied multiple
	      Possible names for the auth_info are:

		     The service for which the authentication lookup should be
		     tested.  The value may be the name of a service, commonly
		     used with Dovecot.	 For example: imap, pop3 or smtp.

	      lip    The local IP address (server) for the test.

	      rip    The remote IP address (client) for the test.

	      lport  The local port, e.g. 143

	      rport  The remote port, e.g. 24567

       user   The  user's  login  name.	  Depending  on the configuration, the
	      login name may be for example jane or

	      Optionally the user's password.  doveadm(1) will prompt for  the
	      password, if none was given.

       This  example  demonstrates  an imap authentication test for user john,
       assuming the user is connected  from  the  host	with  the  IP  address

       doveadm auth -x service=imap -x rip= john johns_password
       passdb: john auth succeeded
       extra fields:

       Report  bugs, including doveconf -n output, to the Dovecot Mailing List
       <>.  Information about reporting bugs	 is  available

       doveadm(1), doveconf(1)

Dovecot v2.0			  2010-06-09		       DOVEADM-AUTH(1)

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