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       diskless_setup - set up a server for diskless/dataless clients

       /sbin/diskless_setup  -l	 interface_name	 -r client_rootdir [ -o ] [ -s
       swapfile_size ]	[  -h  client_addr  ]  [  -m  client_netmask  ]	 [  -a
       server_addr ] [ -g gateway ] [ -x vmunix_name:offset ]

       Diskless_setup  sets up files on a server to handle a diskless or data‐
       less client workstation.	 Based on the arguments, it fills in  all  the
       fields  of  an  nfs_diskless  structure for that client and saves it in
       either a separate file or in the "vmunix"  executable  image  for  that
       client at the appropriate byte offset.  See diskless(8) for an overview
       of running diskless or dataless clients.

       -l     The name of the network interface to be configured on the client
	      at  boot	time so that it can communicate with this server. (eg.

       -r     The pathname of the root directory of the root file  system  for
	      this client.

       -o     Write  the  nfs_diskless	structure to standard out so it can be
	      piped to another process in a shell script.

       -s     This client is to run diskless (ie. swapping to this server), so
	      create a swapfile of size 512 byte blocks for this client.

       -h     The  internet  address  for the client's net interface specified
	      with -l.	(The default is the first address returned by gethost‐
	      byname(3) for this client host.)

       -m     The  subnet  mask	 for the client's net interface specified with
	      -l.  (The default value is determined by the interface's address

       -a     The  internet address of this server.  (The default is the first
	      address returned by gethostbyname(3) for this server.)

       -g     The default gateway for the client to use to get to this server.
	      This  should  only be specified if the client is not on the same
	      LAN as the server.  (For performance  reasons,  this  should  be
	      avoided whereever possible.)

       -x     Write  the  nfs_diskless	data  structure into the "vmunix" file
	      specified at the specified byte offset  instead  of  a  separate
	      file.  The  executable  file and byte offset are specified sepa‐
	      rated by a colon. (eg. vmunix.pmax:654322)

       diskless_setup -l le0 -r /diskless/pmax_root blondie

       Setup the client "blondie" as  a	 dataless  workstation	(ie.  swapping
       locally)	 communicating	with this server via. "le0" and using the root
       file system at /diskless/pmax_root. Blondie is attached to the same LAN
       as  this server and the first internet addresses returned by gethostby‐
       name(3) are appropriate for both the client and server addresses.

       diskless_setup  -l  wd0	-r  /diskless/i386_root	 -h  -m
	    -x vmunix.freddy:345672 freddy

       Setup  the client "freddy" as a dataless workstation communicating with
       the server via.	"wd0"  and  using  the	root  file  system  at	/disk‐
       less/i386_root.	 Freddy's  internet address for "wd0" is
       with a subnet mask of The filled in nfs_diskless	struc‐
       ture  is	 to  be	 written  into freddy's executable kernel called "vmu‐
       nix.freddy" at byte offset 345672. (the byte offset is  normally	 found
       using diskless_offset(8) )

       diskless_setup  -l  qe0 -r /diskless/uvax_root -s 20000 -a

       Setup the client "bob" as a diskless (ie. swapping to the server) work‐
       station	ccommunicating	with  this  server via. "qe0" and using a root
       file system at /diskless/uvax_root.  The swap file on  this  server  is
       10Mbytes and the address w.r.t. "bob" of this server is

       /var/diskless/setup.<client_hostname> /var/diskless/swapfiles/swap

       diskless(8) diskless_offset(8) diskless_boot(3) diskless_boot(5)

       There is no capability of setting up diskless clients with remote swap‐
       ping on a separate server than the root file system.

4.4 Berkeley Distribution      January 21, 1992		     DISKLESS_SETUP(8)

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