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cuetools(1)							   cuetools(1)


       cueprint - print disc and track infomation for a cue or toc file

       cueprint [option...] [file...]

       -h, --help
	      print usage information

       -i, --input-format cue|toc
	      set format of file(s)

       -n, --track-number <number>
	      only  print  track information for single track.	The default is
	      to print information for all tracks.

       -d, --disc-template <template>
	      set disc template (see TEMPLATE EXPANSION)

       -t, --track-template <template>
	      set track template (see TEMPLATE EXPANSION)

       All characters in the template are reproduced in the output except  for
       conversions, which begin with `%'.

       A   conversion	has   the   form  `%[flags][width][.precision]<converā€

       There may be zero or more of the following flags:

       -      left justification

       +      place sign before numbers

       ` '    (space) place a space before a positive number

       0      pad with zeros

       #      (unused)

       width is the minimum field width.  precision is the maximum  width  for

       Disc  template  expansion  characters  are  valid for both the disc and
       track templates.

       Disc Conversion Specifiers

       A      album arranger

       C      album composer

       G      album genre

       M      album message

       N      number of tracks

       P      album performer

       S      album songwriter

       T      album title

       U      album UPC/EAN

       Track Conversion Specifiers

       a      track arranger

       c      track composer

       g      track genre

       i      track ISRC

       m      track message

       n      track number

       p      track perfomer

       t      track title

       u      track ISRC (CD-TEXT)

       Any other character is expanded to that character.  For	example,  a  %
       expands to a literal `%'.

       The following single-character escapes are recognized:

       \a     alert (bell)

       \b     backspace

       \f     formfeed

       \n     newline

       \r     carriage return

       \t     horizontal tab

       \v     vertial tab

       \0     NULL

       If  no  files are specified, stdin is used.  If a filename is specified
       and the format is not specified, the format will	 be  set  based	 on  a
       ".cue" or ".toc" suffix.

       To  display  disc and track information (using the default template for
       both), run:

       % cueprint album.cue

       To print the number of tracks in a cue file, run:

       % cueprint -d '%N\n' album.cue

       Svend Sorensen

       cueconvert(1), cuebreakpoints(1)


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