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AUTHS(1)							      AUTHS(1)

       auths - print authorizations granted to a user

       auths [ user ]...

       The auths command prints on standard output the authorizations that you
       or the optionally-specified user or role have been granted.  Authoriza‐
       tions  are  rights  that	 are checked by certain privileged programs to
       determine whether a user may execute restricted functionality.

       Each user may have zero or more authorizations. Authorizations are rep‐
       resented by fully-qualified names, which identify the organization that
       created the authorization and the functionality that it controls.  Fol‐
       lowing  the  Java  convention, the hierarchical components of an autho‐
       rization are separated by dots (.), starting  with  the	reverse	 order
       Internet	 domain name of the creating organization, and ending with the
       specific function within a class of authorizations.

       An asterisk (*) indicates all authorizations in a class.

       A user's authorizations are  looked  up	in  user_attr(4)  and  in  the
       /etc/security/policy.conf file (see policy.conf(4)). Authorizations may
       be  specified  directly	 in   user_attr(4)   or	  indirectly   through
       prof_attr(4).  Authorizations may also be assigned to every user in the
       system directly as default authorizations or indirectly as default pro‐
       files in the /etc/security/policy.conf file.

       Example 1 Sample output

       The auths output has the following form:

	 example% auths tester01 tester02
	 tester01 :,
	 tester02 : solaris.system.*

       Notice that there is no space after the comma separating the authoriza‐
       tion names in tester01.

       The following exit values are returned:

	    Successful completion.

	    An error occurred.





       profiles(1),   roles(1),	  getauthattr(3SECDB),	 auth_attr(4),	  pol‐
       icy.conf(4), prof_attr(4), user_attr(4), attributes(5)

				 Mar 25, 2004			      AUTHS(1)

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