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AD(5)									 AD(5)

       ad - Active Directory as a naming repository

       Solaris	clients	 can  obtain  naming information from Active Directory
       (AD) servers.

       The Solaris system must first join an AD domain and  then  add  the  ad
       keyword	to  the	 appropriate entries in the nsswitch.conf(4) file. The
       Solaris system joins the AD domain by using the	 kclient(1M)  utility.
       The  AD	name service only supports the naming databases for passwd and

       Windows users are not able to log in. The user_attr(4) database has  no
       entries	for  Windows users, and the passwd(1) command does not support
       the synchronization of user passwords with AD.

       The Solaris AD client uses auto-discovery techniques to find AD	direc‐
       tory  servers,  such  as domain controllers and global catalog servers.
       The client also uses the LDAP v3 protocol to access naming  information
       from  AD servers. The AD server schema requires no modification because
       the AD client works with native AD schema. The Solaris AD  client  uses
       the  idmap(1M)  service	to  map	 between  Windows security identifiers
       (SIDs) and  Solaris  user  identifiers  (UIDs)  and  group  identifiers
       (GIDs).	User  names  and group names are taken from the sAMAccountName
       attribute of the AD user and group objects and  then  tagged  with  the
       domain  where the objects reside. The domain name is separated from the
       user name or group name by the @ character.

       The client uses the SASL/GSSAPI/KRB5 security model. The kclient	 util‐
       ity  is	used  to  join	the  client  to AD. During the join operation,
       kclient configures Kerberos v5 on the client. See kclient(1M).

			       Configuration file for the name-service switch.

			       Sample configuration file for the  name-service
			       switch configured with ad, dns and files.

			       Name service switch module for AD.

       passwd(1),  svcs(1),  idmap(1M),	 idmapd(1M),  kclient(1M), svcadm(1M),
       svccfg(1M), svccfg(1M), nsswitch.conf(4), user_attr(4), smf(5)

				 Oct 22, 2008				 AD(5)

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