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XCHESS(1)							     XCHESS(1)

       xchess - X chess display

       xchess [ option ... ] [ white-display ] [ black-display ]

       xchess  is  a chess display program which allows players to play a game
       on either one or two displays, or play  a  chess-playing	 program.   It
       uses  the  X  window  system.  If one or no display names are given, it
       will open up one window and both black and white at the same board.  If
       two  displays  are  given, xchess will accept moves from each player in
       his turn.  Black's board will be drawn with his pieces at the bottom.

       xchess will not allow a player to make an illegal move.	It accepts all
       legal moves, including castling and pawn capture en passant.

       -d      Turn on debugging.

       -f record-file
	       Use  record-file	 for  saving  the game when the Save button is
	       selected,  or  if  the  -s  flag	 is  given.   The  default  is

       -r saved-game
	       Start  with  the	 position  at the end of the saved game in the
	       named file.  This file may be the result of the	Save  command,
	       and  may	 be  in	 either English or International format.  When
	       reading moves, one move it made per second.

       -q      Don't pause for a second every time a move is made when a  game
	       is being restored.

       -v      Whenever	 a  piece is moved, outline the path with a "lightning
	       bolt".  This option and the -n option are useful if  you	 don't
	       want to miss an opponent's move when he makes it.

       -i      Use  International format for recording moves (squares numbered
	       1-8, a-h) as opposed to English (e.g, p/k4xp/q5).

       -t moves/timeunit
	       Allows timeunit seconds	for  every  moves  moves.   If	either
	       player  exceeds	this  allowance	 both recieve a message saying
	       informing them of this fact.

       -c      Play the computer.  xchess will start up a  chess-playing  pro‐
	       gram  (currently	 the  only  one it knows how to talk to is GNU

       -p program
	       The name of the program to use if the -c option is given.   The
	       default	is "/usr/public/gnuchess".  Note that gnuchess must be
	       compiled with the compat flag (in the file "main.c") set to 1.

       -b      If the -c flag was given, have the computer play white.

       -bnw    If the display has more than one display plane (i.e, is color),
	       pretend it's black and white.

       -s      Save  the  moves	 in the record file as they are made.  This is
	       useful if you don't want your game to be lost when xchess  core

       -n      Be noisy - beep after every move is made.

       -h host Run GNU Chess on the specified host.

       -R      Randomly chose who plays white and who plays black, if two dis‐
	       plays are given.

       The window is divided up into  several  sub-windows.   The  pieces  are
       moved  by  pushing down any mouse button on top of the piece, moving to
       the destination square, and releasing it.  Castling is done  by	moving
       the king to the right square.  If you push down on a piece and then let
       the button up without moving it, you must move that piece. ("Touch  it,
       move it.")

       The  progress of the game is listed in the "Game Record" window.	 Error
       messages and such things are printed in	the  "Message"	window.	  Both
       these  windows have scroll bars that you can use to move around.	 There
       are also windows for clocks and for a record of the pieces captured.

       If you type any keys in the window, the text will go into  the  message
       window of both players.	This provides a simple communication facility.

       There are 9 buttons in the control window.  They are as follows:

       Draw    Both players must push this button to agree on a draw (just one
	       is ok if only one display is being used).

       Resign  The player whose turn it is to move resigns.

       Reset   Start over from the beginning.

       Back    Retract a move.	If two	displays  are  being  used  the	 other
	       player will be asked to confirm this.

       Fwd     This  will re-play the most recently retracted move.  This but‐
	       ton in conjunction with Back is useful for  "scrolling  around"
	       in a saved game.

       Save    Save the game in the record file.

       Flip    Rotate the board so that Black will have his pieces at the bot‐

       Switch  Change the mapping of boards to players.

       Pause   This button has two functions.  When a game is being  restored,
	       pieces  will  be	 moved once a second.  Hitting Pause will stop
	       this process, and hitting it again will restart it.  During the
	       time  that  it  is  stopped  no other action can be made except
	       restarting it.  While a game is being played, Pause  will  stop
	       the clock and restart it.

       xchess uses the following .Xdefaults:

       Noisy   The -n flag.

	       The -s flag.

	       The -i flag.

	       The -bnw flag.

	       The -q flag.

       Flash   The -v flag.

	       How many times to flash the move.  The default is 5.

	       How big to make the lightning bolt.  The default is 10 pixels.

	       The  -p	option.	  This	may  also  be  changed in the Makefile

	       The -h option.

	       The -f option.

	       The color of the black pieces.

	       The color of the white pieces.

	       The color of the borders.

	       The color of the black squares.

	       The color of the white squares.

	       The color of routine messages and the move record text.

	       The color of error messages.

	       The color of player-entered text.

	       The background color for the two text windows.

	       The color of the mouse and the text cursors.

       X(8), gnuchess(1), chess(5)

       Wayne A. Christopher (faustus@ic.berkeley.edu)

       Checkmate and stalemate are not detected,  so  the  appropriate	player
       must resign or agree to a draw respectively.

       Switch doesn't work.

       If you are playing gnuchess, and you select Undo a few times so that it
       is gnuchess's turn to move, it won't do anything.

X Version 10			  14 Nov 1986			     XCHESS(1)

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