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WCSCASECMP(3)		   Linux Programmer's Manual		 WCSCASECMP(3)

       wcscasecmp - compare two wide-character strings, ignoring case

       #define _GNU_SOURCE
       #include <wchar.h>

       int wcscasecmp(const wchar_t *s1, const wchar_t *s2);

       The  wcscasecmp() function is the wide-character equivalent of the str‐
       casecmp(3) function.  It compares the wide-character string pointed  to
       by  s1  and  the	 wide-character string pointed to by s2, ignoring case
       differences (towupper(3), towlower(3)).

       The wcscasecmp() function returns zero if the wide-character strings at
       s1  and	s2 are equal except for case distinctions.  It returns a posi‐
       tive integer if s1 is greater than s2, ignoring	case.	It  returns  a
       negative integer if s1 is smaller than s2, ignoring case.

       POSIX.1-2008.   This  function is not specified in POSIX.1-2001, and is
       not widely available on other systems.

       The behavior of wcscasecmp() depends on the LC_CTYPE  category  of  the
       current locale.

       strcasecmp(3), wcscmp(3)

       This  page  is  part of release 3.22 of the Linux man-pages project.  A
       description of the project, and information about reporting  bugs,  can
       be found at http://www.kernel.org/doc/man-pages/.

GNU				  2009-02-04			 WCSCASECMP(3)

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