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VX(4)		      BSD/tahoe Kernel Interfaces Manual		 VX(4)

     vx — communications multiplexor

     device vx0 at vba? csr 0xfffe0000 vector vackint vcmdrsp vunsol

     A VIOC-X provides 16 communication lines with partial modem control, ade‐
     quate for UNIX dialup use.	 and may be set to run at any of 16 speeds;
     see tty(4).

     /dev/ttyd[0-9a-f]	   dialups

     vx%d: vc proc err, ustat %x.

     vx%d: vc uqual err, uqual %x.

     vx%d: %d exceeds silo size.

     vx%d: receiver overrun.

     VIOC-BOP no. %d at %x.  The system identified a vioc supporting the bit
     oriented protocol.	 The number %d is the board number assigned by the
     system while the address %x is the address of the command control block
     for the vioc.

     vx%d: unknown type %x.  The system encountered a vioc of unknown type
     during autoconfiguration.

     vx%d: didn't respond to LIDENT.  The device did not respond to the con‐
     figuration command that sets the interrupt vectors and port configura‐

     vx%d: %s%s, ports %d-%d.  This is informatory message printed during
     autoconfiguration indicating the type of hardware present the port con‐

     vx%d: no buffers.	All the command buffers were in use; this indicates
     the device is constipated for some reason.

     vx%d: setq overflow.  An attempt to append a command to an existing com‐
     mand buffer failed because the buffer was full or the hardware doesn't
     support this facility.

     vx%d: cmd q overflow.  An attempt to place a new command on the command
     queue failed because it was full.	The device is either overloaded or
     hung up for some reason.  If this happens, the system tries to reset the
     device to unwedge it.

     vx%d INTR ERR type %x v_dcd %x.  An error was returned by the device in
     response to some command.	The command identifier and data carrier detect
     mask are printed followed by the contents of the command buffer in error.

     vx%d: vcmdrsp interrupt.  A command response interrupt was received from
     a bop (bit oriented protocol) vioc.  This should not happen.

     vx%d: cmdresp debug.

     vx%d: vunsol from	BOP.  An unsolicited interrupt was received from a bop
     vioc.  This should not happen.

     vx%d: interrupt q overflow.  The queue of pending interrupts to be deliv‐
     ered to the vioc is full.	This is probably due to the vioc being wedged.
     The system resets the vioc if this occurs.

     vx%d: reset....  The system attempted to reset the vioc.


     The vx special file appeared in 4.3BSD-Tahoe.

BSD				 June 5, 1993				   BSD

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