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volsave(8)							    volsave(8)

       volsave - Saves a Logical Storage Manager (LSM) configuration

       /usr/sbin/volsave [-d dir]

       Directs	the backup information to the directory specified by dir. This
       directory must not already exist.

       You can save the LSM configuration records for a disk group  by	saving
       the  output  of	the volprint(8) utility in a description file that the
       volmake(8) utility can use. The volsave command provides an easy way to
       save  this  configuration information for all disk groups. In addition,
       volsave saves a list of the disks that are under LSM control and	 their
       attributes.  The LSM configuration can be restored using the volrestore

       The volsave command creates an LSM description set that consists	 of  a
       header  file  and other files containing information about the LSM con‐
       figuration. Refer to the FILES section for details on the  contents  of
       these files.

       By  default, the description set is saved to a timestamped directory in
       /usr/var/lsm/db (for  example,  /usr/var/lsm/db/LSM.19970727131520.sky‐

       The  -d	option can be used with volsave to specify a particular direc‐
       tory for the saved configuration. In this case, the -d option must also
       be used with volrestore when restoring the configuration.

       You  may	 receive  the  following  error	 message when using the -d dir
       option with the volsave command: Directory dir already exists

	      This message indicates  that  the	 directory  you	 specified  is
	      already  in  use.	 The  LSM configuration can only be saved to a
	      directory that does not yet exist. You can specify a new	direc‐
	      tory  name,  or  enter the volsave command without the -d option
	      and  let	volsave	 create	 a  new,  timestamped	directory   in

       Default	directory in which volsave creates the timestamped subdirecto‐
       ries with LSM description sets.	 Timestamped  subdirectory  containing
       LSM  description	 sets  (the  header, voldisk.list, and volboot files).
       Also contains subdirectories for each disk  group,  named  diskgroup.d;
       for  example,  rootdg.d.	 Description file that can be used by the vol‐
       make command for all volumes, plexes, and subdisks  in  a  disk	group.
       There is one file for each disk group, stored in the diskgroup.d subdi‐
       rectory.	 A description of the disks. This file is the  output  of  the
       voldisk	list command.  A description of the disk group based on infor‐
       mation from the voldg list diskgroup command. There  is	one  file  for
       each disk group, stored in the diskgroup.d subdirectory.	 Saved copy of
       the /etc/vol/volboot file.  File containing the checksum, a magic  num‐
       ber,  the  date	of the file's creation, and the version of the volsave
       command, that volrestore validates before executing.

       volmake(4), volrestore(8), volprint(8), volmake(8)

       Logical Storage Manager


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