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UUQ(1)			  BSD General Commands Manual			UUQ(1)

     uuq — examine or manipulate the uucp queue

     uuq [-l] [-h] [-ssystem] [-uuser] [-djobno] [-rsdir] [-bbaud]

     Uuq is used to examine (and possibly delete) entries in the uucp queue.

     When listing jobs, uuq uses a format reminiscent of ls.  For the long
     format, information for each job listed includes job number, number of
     files to transfer, user who spooled the job, number of bytes to send,
     type of command requested (S for sending files, R for receiving files, X
     for remote uucp), and file or command desired.

     Several options are available:

     -h		   Print only the summary lines for each system.  Summary
		   lines give system name, number of jobs for the system, and
		   total number of bytes to send.

     -l		   Specifies a long format listing.  The default is to list
		   only the job numbers sorted across the page.

     -ssystem	   Limit output to jobs for systems whose system names begin
		   with system.

     -uuser	   Limit output to jobs for users whose login names begin with

     -djobno	   Delete job number jobno (as obtained from a previous uuq
		   command) from the uucp queue.  Only the UUCP Administrator
		   is permitted to delete jobs.

     -rsdir	   Look for files in the spooling directory sdir instead of
		   the default directory.

     -bbaud	   Use baud to compute the transfer time instead of the
		   default 1200 baud.

     /usr/spool/uucp/		     Default spool directory
     /usr/spool/uucp/C./C.*	     Control files
     /usr/spool/uucp/Dhostname ./D.*
				     Outgoing data files
     /usr/spool/uucp/X./X.*	     Outgoing execution files

     uucp(1), uux(1), uulog(1), uusnap(8)

     No information is available on work requested by the remote machine.

     The user who requests a remote uucp command is unknown.

     “uq -l” can be horrendously slow.

     The uuq command appeared in 4.3BSD.

4.3 Berkeley Distribution	 June 6, 1993	     4.3 Berkeley Distribution

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