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TMSCP(4)	       BSD/vax Kernel Interfaces Manual		      TMSCP(4)

     tmscp — DEC TMSCP magtape interface

     controller tmscp0 at uba? csr 0174500 vector tmscpintr
     tape tms0 at tmscp0 drive 0

     Tape controllers compatible with the DEC Tape Mass Storage Control Proto‐
     col (TMSCP) architecture such as the TU81 and the TK50 provide a standard
     tape drive interface as described in mtio(4).  The controller communi‐
     cates with the host through a packet oriented protocol.  Consult the file
     ⟨vax/tmscp.h⟩ for a detailed description of this protocol.

     tmscp controller failed to init.  The controller initialization procedure
     failed.  This probably indicates a hardware problem.

     tmscp%d: sa 0%o, state %d.	 (Additional status information given after a
     hard I/O error.)  The values of the controller status register and the
     internal driver state are printed.

     tmscp%d: random interrupt ignored.	 An unexpected interrupt was received
     (e.g. when no I/O was pending).  The interrupt is ignored.

     tmscp%d: interrupt in unknown state %d ignored.  An interrupt was
     received when the driver was in an unknown internal state.	 Indicates a
     hardware problem or a driver bug.

     tmscp%d: fatal error (0%o).  The controller detected a ``fatal error'' in
     the status returned to the host.  The contents of the status register are

     OFFLINE.  (Additional status information given after a hard I/O error.)
     A hard I/O error occurred because the drive was not on-line.

     tmscp%d: hard error
     tmscp%d: soft error.  These errors precede an interpretation of a TMSCP
     error message returned by the controller to the host.  TMSCP errors may

	   controller error, event 0%o.
	   host memory access error, event 0%o, addr 0%o.
	   tape transfer error, unit %d, grp 0x%x, event 0%o.
	   STI error, unit %d, event 0%o.
	   STI Drive Error Log, unit %d, event 0%o.
	   STI Formatter Error Log, unit %d, event 0%o.
	   unknown error, unit %d, format 0%o, event 0%o.

     mt(1), tar(1), tp(1), mtio(4), tm(4), ts(4), ut(4), dmesg(8)

     The tmscp driver appeared in 4.3BSD.

4.3 Berkeley Distribution	 June 5, 1993	     4.3 Berkeley Distribution

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