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       thr_suspend, thr_continue - suspend or continue thread execution

       cc -mt [ flag... ] file...[ library... ]
       #include <thread.h>

       int thr_suspend(thread_t target_thread);

       int thr_continue(thread_t target_thread);

       The  thr_suspend()  function  immediately suspends the execution of the
       thread specified by target_thread. On successful return	from  thr_sus‐
       pend(),	the  suspended thread is no longer executing. Once a thread is
       suspended, subsequent calls to thr_suspend() have no effect.

       The thr_continue()  function  resumes  the  execution  of  a  suspended
       thread.	 Once  a  suspended  thread  is continued, subsequent calls to
       thr_continue() have no effect.

       A suspended thread will not be awakened by any mechanism other  than  a
       call  to	 thr_continue().   Signals  and	 the  effect  of  calls	 tomu‐
       tex_unlock(3C),	rw_unlock(3C),	sema_post(3C),	cond_signal(3C),   and
       cond_broadcast(3C)  remain pending until the execution of the thread is
       resumed by thr_continue().

       If successful, the thr_suspend() and  thr_continue()  functions	return
       0. Otherwise, a non-zero value is returned to indicate the error.

       The thr_suspend() and thr_continue() functions will fail if:

		 The target_thread cannot be found in the current process.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       │MT-Level       │ MT-Safe	 │

       thr_create(3C), thr_join(3C), attributes(5), standards(5)

       The thr_suspend() function is extremely difficult to use safely because
       it suspends the target thread with no concern for the  target  thread's
       state.	The  target thread could be holding locks, waiting for a lock,
       or waiting on a condition variable  when	 it  is	 unconditionally  sus‐
       pended.	The  thread  will  not	run  until  thr_continue() is applied,
       regardless  of  any  calls   to	 mutex_unlock(),   cond_signal(),   or
       cond_broadcast()	 by  other threads. Its existence on a sleep queue can
       interfere with the waking up of other threads  that  are	 on  the  same
       sleep queue.

       The  thr_suspend()  and	thr_continue()	functions  should  be avoided.
       Mechanisms that involve the cooperation of the targeted thread, such as
       mutex locks and condition variables, should be employed instead.

				 Mar 22, 2002		       THR_SUSPEND(3C)

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