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SYSTEMD.SLICE(5)		 systemd.slice		      SYSTEMD.SLICE(5)

       systemd.slice - Slice unit configuration


       A unit configuration file whose name ends in ".slice" encodes
       information about a slice which is a concept for hierarchially managing
       resources of a group of processes. This management is performed by
       creating a node in the Linux Control Group (cgroup) tree. Units that
       manage processes (primarilly scope and service units) may be assigned
       to a specific slice. For each slice, certain resource limits may the be
       set that apply to all processes of all units contained in that slice.
       Slices are organized hierarchially in a tree. The name of the slice
       encodes the location in the tree. The name consists of a dash-separated
       series of names, which describes the path to the slice from the root
       slice. The root slice is named, -.slice. Example: foo-bar.slice is a
       slice that is located within foo.slice, which in turn is located in the
       root slice -.slice.

       By default, service and scope units are placed in system.slice, virtual
       machines and containers registered with systemd-machined(1) are found
       in machine.slice, and user sessions handled by systemd-logind(1) in
       user.slice. See systemd.special(5) for more information.

       See systemd.unit(5) for the common options of all unit configuration
       files. The common configuration items are configured in the generic
       [Unit] and [Install] sections. The slice specific configuration options
       are configured in the [Slice] section. Currently, only generic resource
       control settings as described in systemd.resource-control(7) are

       Unless DefaultDependencies=false is used, slice units will implicitly
       have dependencies of type Conflicts= and Before= on
       These ensure that slice units are removed prior to system shutdown.
       Only slice units involved with early boot or late system shutdown
       should disable this option.

       systemd(1), systemd.unit(5), systemd.resource-control(5),
       systemd.service(5), systemd.scope(5), systemd.special(7),

systemd 212						      SYSTEMD.SLICE(5)

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