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SYSTEMD-NOTIFY(1)		systemd-notify		     SYSTEMD-NOTIFY(1)

       systemd-notify - Notify service manager about start-up completion and
       other daemon status changes

       systemd-notify [OPTIONS...] [VARIABLE=VALUE...]

       systemd-notify may be called by daemon scripts to notify the init
       system about status changes. It can be used to send arbitrary
       information, encoded in an environment-block-like list of strings. Most
       importantly it can be used for start-up completion notification.

       This is mostly just a wrapper around sd_notify() and makes this
       functionality available to shell scripts. For details see sd_notify(3).

       The command line may carry a list of environment variables to send as
       part of the status update.

       Note that systemd will refuse reception of status updates from this
       command unless NotifyAccess=all is set for the service unit this
       command is called from.

       The following options are understood:

	   Inform the init system about service start-up completion. This is
	   equivalent to systemd-notify READY=1. For details about the
	   semantics of this option see sd_notify(3).

	   Inform the init system about the main PID of the daemon. Takes a
	   PID as argument. If the argument is omitted, the PID of the process
	   that invoked systemd-notify is used. This is equivalent to
	   systemd-notify MAINPID=$PID. For details about the semantics of
	   this option see sd_notify(3).

	   Send a free-form status string for the daemon to the init systemd.
	   This option takes the status string as argument. This is equivalent
	   to systemd-notify STATUS=.... For details about the semantics of
	   this option see sd_notify(3).

	   Returns 0 if the system was booted up with systemd, non-zero
	   otherwise. If this option is passed, no message is sent. This
	   option is hence unrelated to the other options. For details about
	   the semantics of this option, see sd_booted(3).

	   Controls disk read-ahead operations. The argument must be a string,
	   and either "cancel", "done" or "noreplay". For details about the
	   semantics of this option see sd_readahead(3).

       -h, --help
	   Print a short help text and exit.

	   Print a short version string and exit.

       On success, 0 is returned, a non-zero failure code otherwise.

       Example 1. Start-up Notification and Status Updates

       A simple shell daemon that sends start-up notifications after having
       set up its communication channel. During runtime it sends further
       status updates to the init system:


	   mkfifo /tmp/waldo
	   systemd-notify --ready --status="Waiting for data..."

	   while : ; do
		   read a < /tmp/waldo
		   systemd-notify --status="Processing $a"

		   # Do something with $a ...

		   systemd-notify --status="Waiting for data..."

       systemd(1), systemctl(1), systemd.unit(5), sd_notify(3), sd_booted(3)

systemd 212						     SYSTEMD-NOTIFY(1)

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