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syslog(1)							     syslog(1)

       syslog - enables and disables printing to the console device, /dev/con‐
       sole, by the syslogd daemon.

       syslog [console_on | console_off]

       The arguments to this command are as follows: Starts  printing  to  the
       console	by  the	 syslogd daemon.  Stops printing to the console by the
       syslogd daemon.

       Under certain circumstances you may  need  to  control  the  volume  of
       information  messages  displayed on the console device. The syslog com‐
       mand enables you to control the syslogd daemon's	 capability  to	 print
       messages to the console device.

       Starting	 the  syslogd daemon with the -s option has the same effect as
       using the following command: syslog console_off. You must be root  user
       to  execute  this  command and the command will fail with no errors for
       any unauthorized user.

       The information is still logged in a log file, providing	 that  logging
       is enabled on your system.

       Commands:  syslogd(8)

       Functions:  syslog(3)


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