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svc.conf(4)							   svc.conf(4)

       svc.conf - Database service selection configuration file

       This  file  is  obsolete,  except for statically-built applications and
       sendmail, if the Name Service Switch is installed. See nsswitch.conf(5)
       for  more  information.	 The  /etc/svc.conf file is a mandatory system
       file that allows you to select the desired services on a	 per  database
       basis.	The  default  /etc/svc.conf  file  has	local  as  the service
       selected for each database.  This file must be modified when adding  or
       removing	 a  naming service, such as the Network Information Service or
       BIND.  The valid services are local, yp, and  bind.   Modifications  to
       the /etc/svc.conf file can be made with an editor or the /usr/sbin/svc‐
       setup command for database  service  selection.	 Changes  take	effect
       immediately.   The  recommended configuration is that you have local as
       the first entry for all databases.

       White space is allowed only after commas or newlines.

       You must have local as the first entry for the passwd and  hosts	 data‐

       You must have yp as the entry for the netgroup database.

       The following is a sample /etc/svc.conf file: aliases=yp group=local,yp
       hosts=local,bind,yp netgroup=yp networks=local,yp  passwd=local	proto‐
       cols=local,yp rpc=local,yp services=local

       SECLEVEL=BSD	      # for backwards compatibility ONLY


       Commands: svcsetup(8)

       Functions: getsvc(3)

       Network Administration: Services delim off


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