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SIGSETOPS(3)		    BSD Programmer's Manual		  SIGSETOPS(3)

     sigemptyset, sigfillset, sigaddset, sigdelset, sigismember - manipulate
     signal sets

     #include <signal.h>

     sigemptyset(sigset_t *set);

     sigfillset(sigset_t *set);

     sigaddset(sigset_t *set, int signo);

     sigdelset(sigset_t *set, int signo);

     sigismember(sigset_t *set, int signo);

     These functions manipulate signal sets stored in a sigset_t. Either
     sigemptyset() or sigfillset() must be called for every object of type
     sigset_t before any other use of the object.

     The sigemptyset() function initializes a signal set to be empty.

     The sigfillset() function initializes a signal set to contain all sig-

     The sigaddset() function adds the specified signal signo to the signal

     The sigdelset() function deletes the specified signal signo from the sig-
     nal set.

     The sigismember() function returns whether a specified signal signo is
     contained in the signal set.

     These functions are provided as macros in the include file <signal.h>.
     Actual functions are available if their names are undefined (with #undef

     The sigismember() function returns 1 if the signal is a member of the
     set, 0 otherwise.	The other functions return 0.

     Currently no errors are detected.

     kill(2),  sigaction(2),  sigsuspend(2)

     These functions are defined by IEEE Std1003.1-1988 (``POSIX'').

4.4BSD				 June 4, 1993				     1

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