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SHA(3)									SHA(3)

       SHA, SHA1, SHA1_Init, SHA1_Update, SHA1_Final - Secure Hash Algorithm

       #include <openssl/sha.h>

       unsigned char *SHA1(
	       const	 unsigned     char     *d,     unsigned	    long    n,
       unsigned char *md ); void SHA1_Init(
	       SHA_CTX *c ); void SHA1_Update(
	       SHA_CTX *c,  const  void	 *data,	 unsigned  long	 len  );  void
	       unsigned char *md, SHA_CTX *c );

       SHA-1  (Secure  Hash Algorithm) is a cryptographic hash function with a
       160-bit output.

       The SHA1() function computes the SHA-1 message digest of the n bytes at
       d  and  places it in md (which must have space for SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH ==
       20 bytes of output). If md is NULL, the digest is placed	 in  a	static

       The  following  functions  can be used if the message is not completely
       stored in memory:

       The SHA1_Init() function initializes a SHA_CTX structure.

       The SHA1_Update() function can be called repeatedly with chunks of  the
       message to be hashed (len bytes at data).

       The  SHA1_Final()  function places the message digest in md, which must
       have space for SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH == 20 bytes of output, and erases  the

       Applications  should use the higher level functions, such as EVP_Diges‐
       tInit(), instead of calling the hash functions directly.

       The predecessor of SHA-1, SHA, is also implemented, but	it  should  be
       used only when backward compatibility is required.

       The SHA1() function returns a pointer to the hash value.

       The  SHA1_Init(),  SHA1_Update(),  and  SHA1_Final()  functions	do not
       return values.

       The SHA1(), SHA1_Init(), SHA1_Update(), and SHA1_Final() functions  are
       available in all versions of SSLeay and OpenSSL.

       SHA conforms to US Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS PUB 180
       (Secure Hash Standard). SHA-1 conforms to US Federal  Information  Pro‐
       cessing Standard FIPS PUB 180-1 (Secure Hash Standard), ANSI X9.30

       Functions: ripemd(3), hmac(3), EVP_DigestInit(3)


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