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       scsi_device - SCSI device structure

       #include <sys/scsi/scsi.h>

       Solaris DDI specific (Solaris DDI).

       The  scsi_device	 structure  stores  common information about each SCSI
       logical unit, including pointers to areas that contain both generic and
       device  specific	 information.  There  is one scsi_device structure for
       each logical unit attached to the system. The host adapter driver  ini‐
       tializes	 part  of  this structure prior to probe(9E) and destroys this
       structure after a probe failure or successful detach(9E).

	 struct scsi_address	    sd_address; /* Routing info. */
	 dev_info_t		    *sd_dev;	/* Cross-ref. to */
						/* dev_info_t */
	 kmutex_t		    sd_mutex;	/* Mutex for this dev. */
	 struct scsi_inquiry	    *sd_inq;	/* scsi_inquiry data struc. */
	 struct scsi_extended_sense *sd_sense;	/* Optional request */
						/* sense buffer ptr */
	 caddr_t		    sd_private; /* Target drivers
						   private data */

       sd_address contains the routing information that the target driver nor‐
       mally  copies  into  a  scsi_pkt(9S)  structure using the collection of
       makecom(9F) functions. The SCSA library routines use  this  information
       to determine which host adapter, SCSI bus, and target/logical unit num‐
       ber (lun) a command is intended for. This structure is  initialized  by
       the host adapter driver.

       sd_dev  is  a  pointer  to  the	corresponding dev_info structure. This
       pointer is initialized by the host adapter driver.

       sd_mutex is a mutual exclusion lock for this  device.  It  is  used  to
       serialize  access to a device. The host adapter driver initializes this
       mutex.  See mutex(9F).

       sd_inq is initially NULL (zero). After executing	 scsi_probe(9F),  this
       field contains the inquiry data associated with the particular device.

       sd_sense	 is  initially	NULL (zero). If the target driver wants to use
       this field for storing  REQUEST	SENSE  data,  it  should  allocate  an
       scsi_extended_sense(9S)	buffer	and  set  this field to the address of
       this buffer.

       sd_private is reserved for the use of target drivers and should	gener‐
       ally be used to point to target specific data structures.

       detach(9E),    probe(9E),   makecom(9F),	  mutex(9F),   scsi_probe(9F),
       scsi_extended_sense(9S), scsi_pkt(9S)

       Writing Device Drivers

				 Feb 19, 1993		       SCSI_DEVICE(9S)

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