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       rletogray - Splits an RLE format file into gray scale images.

       rletogray [ -o prefix ] [ infile ]

       Rletogray  reads a file in RLE(5) format and splits the file into unen‐
       coded binary files, one for each channel in the RLE file.   The	output
       file  names will be constructed from the input file name or a specified

       If an input infile is specified, then the output file names will be  in
       the  form "rlefileroot.{alpha, red, green, blue}", where rlefileroot is
       infile with any ".rle" suffix stripped off.  If the option -o prefix is
       specified,  then	 the  output  file  names  will	 be  of the form "pre‐
       fix.{alpha, red, green, blue}".	If neither option is given,  then  the
       output  file names will be "out.{alpha, red, green, blue}".  Input will
       be read from infile if specified, from standard input,  otherwise.   If
       more  channels than just red, green, blue, and alpha are present in the
       input, numeric suffixes will be used for the others.

       -o prefix
	      Specifies the output file name prefix to be used.

       infile This option is used to name the input  file.   If	 not  present,
	      input is taken from stdin.

       rletoraw(1), urt(1), RLE(5).

       Michael J. Banks, University of Utah.

4th Berkeley Distribution	 Jun 24, 1988			  RLETOGRAY(1)

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