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RLETOABA62(1)							 RLETOABA62(1)

       rletoabA62 - Convert from RLE Format to Abekas A62 Dump Format

       rletoabA62 [ -N ] [ -f n ] [ -n n ] [ infile ]

       RletoabA62 converts a raster file in the Utah Raster Toolkit RLE format
       into a format suitable for writing to an Abekas A62 dump tape and  sub‐
       sequent	loading onto the Abekas disk.  The generated image is 768 pix‐
       els wide and 512 pixels high.  If the input is larger, it is truncated.
       If  it  is  smaller, it is padded on the top and right with black.  The
       output is written to stdout, and should be written to  a	 tape  in  24K
       byte blocks with dd as in the following:

	    dd of=/dev/rmt8 obs=24k

       Normally,  the  output  is processed with a simple digital filter; this
       feature may be turned off with an option.  RletoabA62  normally	writes
       two consecutive frames, normally starting at frame 1.

       Input  is  taken	 from stdin unless a file name is given on the command
       line.  Only a single file may be given, and so if multiple  invocations
       of rletoabA62 are performed in a script, care must be taken to tell the
       program to convert the data for the proper Abekas frame	number	(1-4).
       Otherwise, the colors will appear wrong; they will be rotated on a vec‐
       tor scope diagram.

       The following example converts all files ending in .rle in the  current
       directory  and writes them to a tape.  Two frames are written per image
       and the frame number is incremented accordingly.

		 for file in *.rle
		      rletoabA62 -f $frame $file
		      frame=`expr \( \( $frame - 1 \) + $number \) % 4 + 1`
		 done |
		 dd of=/dev/rmt8 obs=24k

       Options are parsed by getopt(3).

       -N     Do not apply digital filtering.

       -f n   Create the first frame as Abekas frame number n, having a	 value
	      from one to four.	 Consecutive frames increment this number mod‐
	      ulo four.	 The default is one.

       -n n   Write n frames of output, incrementing  the  frame  number  each
	      time.  The default is two.

       urt(1), RLE(5).

       Bob Brown, RIACS.

       This program does not preserve the aspect ratio of the input.

1				6 February 1988			 RLETOABA62(1)

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