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       rledither - Floyd Steinberg dither an image to the given colors.

       rledither  [  -e	 edge_factor  ] [ -l nchan length ] -{tf} mapfile [ -o
       outfile ] [ infile ]

       This program accepts an RLE(5) file and a file of colormap entries, and
       dithers the image to those colors.  Edge enhancement is also performed,
       if specified.

       -e edge_factor
	      An edge_factor of zero means no edge enhancement (the  default).
	      A value of 1.0 looks pretty good for most images.

       -l nchan length
	      Specifies the number of channels in the colormap, and the number
	      of entries in each channel.  The default is 3  channels  of  256
	      entries, which is appropriate for an eight bit color display.

       -{tf} mapfile
	      The  mapfile  must  contain  at least nchan*length values in the
	      range 0 to 255.  The -t flag causes mapfile to be read as R G  B
	      R	 G B R G B...  The -f flag implies the entries are listed as R
	      R R... G G G... B B B...

       -o outfile
	      If specified, the output will be written to this file.  If  out‐
	      file is "-", or if it is not specified, the output will be writ‐
	      ten to the standard output stream.

       infile The input will be read from this file.  If infile is "-"	or  is
	      not  specified,  the  input will be read from the standard input

       mcut(1), rlehdr(1), rlequant(1), urt(1), RLE(5).

       Rod G. Bogart, University of Michigan

       It should read colormaps from RLE files, too.  For the moment, edit the
       output from rlehdr -m.

4th Berkeley Distribution	Month DD, YYYY			  RLEDITHER(1)

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