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       rle_getraw - Read run length encoded data from an RLE file.
       rle_freeraw - Free pixel storage allocated by rle_getraw.

       #include <rle.h>
       #include <rle_raw.h>

       unsigned int rle_getraw( the_hdr, scanraw, nraw )
       rle_hdr * the_hdr;
       rle_op ** scanraw;
       int * nraw;

       void rle_freeraw( the_hdr, scanraw, nraw );
       rle_hdr * the_hdr;
       rle_op ** scanraw;
       int * nraw;

       Rle_getraw  can	be  used  to  read information from an RLE file in the
       "raw" form.

       The scanraw argument is an array of pointers  to	 arrays	 of  rle_op(3)
       structures.  Each rle_op structure specifies a run or sequence of pixel
       values.	The array nraw gives the number of rle_op structures for  each
       channel.	  I.e., nraw[i] is the length of the array pointed to by scan‐

       Return value is the current scanline number.  Returns 32768 at EOF.

       Sufficient space must be allocated in the arrays of  rle_op  structures
       to  hold the data read from the file.  A function, rle_raw_alloc(3), is
       provided to make this  easier.	The  storage  required	by  any	 pixel
       sequences in the input will be dynamically allocated by rle_getraw.

       The  pixel storage allocated dynamically by rle_getraw(3) must be freed
       to avoid memory leaks.  This is most  easily  accomplished  by  calling
       rle_freeraw.   The argument scanraw points to an array of rle_op struc‐
       tures, with nraw indicating the number of structures in	each  channel.
       All pixel data arrays will be freed by the call to rle_freeraw.

       The usual code looks something like
	    rle_hdr in_hdr, out_hdr;
	    rle_op **raw;
	    int *nraw;
	    while ( rle_getraw( &in_hdr, raw, nraw ) != 32768 )
		 /* Process data. */
		 rle_putraw( &out_hdr, raw, nraw );
		 rle_freeraw( &in_hdr, raw, nraw );

       rle_hdr(3), rle_op(3), rle_putraw(3), rle_raw_alloc(3),
       rle_raw_free(3), rle_getrow(3), rle_getskip(3), librle(3), RLE(5).

       Spencer W. Thomas
       University of Utah

4th Berkeley Distribution	    2/2/87			 RLE_GETRAW(3)

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