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ripquery(8)							   ripquery(8)

       ripquery - Queries RIP gateways

       /usr/sbin/ripquery  [-1]	 [-2]  [-[a5] authkey] [-n] [-p] [-r] [-v] [-w
       time] gateway...

       Sends the query as a version 1 packet.  Sends the query as a version  2
       packet  (default).   Specifies  the  authentication password to use for
       queries.	 If -a specified, an authentication type  of  SIMPLE  will  be
       used,  if  -5 is specified, an authentication type of MD5 will be used,
       otherwise the default is an authentication type of  NONE.   Authentica‐
       tion  fields  in incoming packets will be displayed, but not validated.
       Prevents the address of the responding host from	 being	looked	up  to
       determine  the  symbolic	 name.	 Uses  the RIP POLL command to request
       information from the routing table.  This is the default. If  there  is
       no  response to the RIP POLL command, the RIP REQUEST command is tried.
       The gated daemon responds to a POLL command with all the routes learned
       through	RIP.  Used the RIP REQUEST command to request information from
       the gateway's routing table.  Unlike the RIP POLL command, all gateways
       should  support	the  RIP  REQUEST.  If there is no response to the RIP
       REQUEST command, the RIP POLL  command  is  tried.   The	 gated	daemon
       responds	 to a REQUEST command with all the routes he announces out the
       specified interface.  Because of limitations in the UDP	interface,  on
       systems	based  on  BSD 4.3 Reno or earlier, REQUESTs respond about the
       interface used to route packets	back  to  the  sender.	 This  can  be
       avoided	by  running ripquery on the host being queried.	 Displays ver‐
       sion information about ripquery before querying the  gateways.	Speci‐
       fies  the time in seconds to wait for the initial response from a gate‐
       way.  The default value is 5 seconds.

       The ripquery command is used to request all routes known by a RIP gate‐
       way  by sending a RIP request or POLL command.  The routing information
       in any routing packets returned is displayed numerically	 and  symboli‐
       cally.	The  ripquery  command	is  intended  to be used as a tool for
       debugging gateways, not for network management.	SNMP is the  preferred
       protocol for network management.

       The  ripquery command by default uses the RIP POLL command, which is an
       undocumented extension to the RIP specification supported by routed  on
       SunOS 3.x and later and by gated 1.4 and later. The RIP POLL command is
       preferred over the RIP REQUEST command because it  is  not  subject  to
       Split  Horizon  or Poisoned Reverse.  See the RIP RFC for more informa‐

       Commands: gated(8), gdc(8), ospf_monitor(8), routed(8)


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