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RINT(3)			 BSD Library Functions Manual		       RINT(3)

     rint — round-to-closest integer functions

     #include <math.h>

     rint(double x);

     The rint() function finds the integer (represented as a double precision
     number) nearest to x in the direction of the prevailing rounding mode.

     On a VAX, rint(x) is equivalent to adding half to the magnitude and then
     rounding towards zero.

     In the default rounding mode, to nearest, on a machine that conforms to
     IEEE 754, rint(x) is the integer nearest x with the additional stipula‐
     tion that if |rint(x)-x|=1/2 then rint(x) is even.	 Other rounding modes
     can make rint() act like floor(), or like ceil(), or round towards zero.

     Another way to obtain an integer near x is to declare (in C)

	   double x;	 int k;	   k = x;

     Most C compilers round x towards 0 to get the integer k, but some do oth‐
     erwise.  If in doubt, use floor(), ceil(), or rint() first, whichever you
     intend.  Also note that, if x is larger than k can accommodate, the value
     of k and the presence or absence of an integer overflow are hard to pre‐

     abs(3), fabs(3), ceil(3), floor(3), ieee(3), math(3)

     A rint() function appeared in Version 6 AT&T UNIX.

BSD			       December 11, 1993			   BSD

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