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Digital UNIX Diffs - fseek(5)			 Digital UNIX Diffs - fseek(5)

       fseek, rewind, ftell -  Reposition the file pointer of a stream

	Standard C Library (libc.a)

       int fseek(
	       FILE ∗stream,
	       long int offset,
	       int whence);

       void rewind(
	       FILE ∗stream);

       long int ftell(
	       FILE ∗stream);

       Specifies  the  I/O stream.  Determines the position of the next opera‐
       tion.  Determines the value for the file pointer	 associated  with  the
       stream parameter.

       vms-vaxc(5): OpenVMS VAX C vs DEC C Differences

       With  the DEC C RTL, a call to fseek(3) and rewind(3) clear the end-of-
       file flag (EOF).	 With the VAX C RTL, such a call does  not  clear  the

       With  the  DEC C RTL, fseek(3) and rewind(3) can be used for file posi‐
       tioning on a file opened in append mode (ie "a").  The VAX C  RTL  does
       not support file positioning for files opened in append mode.

       The  DEC	 C  RTL	 allows file positioning calls to seek to an arbitrary
       byte within fixed-length record files.  The VAX	C  RTL	treats	fixed-
       length  record  files like all record files  and only allows file posi‐
       tioning to record boundaries.

       With the DEC C RTL, ftell(3) now reports a  file	 position  that	 takes
       into account the character pushed back by a call to ungetc(3).  The VAX
       C RTL does not adjust file position as a result of calls to ungetc(3).

       Functions:  fseek(3), rewind(3), ftell(3), fsetpos(5)


       delim off

						 Digital UNIX Diffs - fseek(5)

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