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res_mkquery(3)							res_mkquery(3)

       res_mkquery - Make query messages for name servers

       #include	    <sys/types.h>     #include	   <netinet/in.h>     #include
       <arpa/nameser.h> #include <resolv.h>

       int res_mkquery(
	       int query_type,
	       const u_char *domain_name,
	       int class,
	       int type,
	       const char *data,
	       int data_length,
	       const u_char *reserved,
	       u_char *buffer,
	       int buf_length );

       Standard C Library (libc)

       Specifies a query type.	The usual type is QUERY, but the parameter can
       be  set	to  any of the query types defined in the arpa/nameser.h file.
       Points to the name of the domain.  If the domain_name parameter	points
       to a single label and the RES_DEFNAMES bit is set, as it is by default,
       the function appends domain_name to the current domain name.  The  cur‐
       rent  domain  name  is  defined	by  the	 name  server in use or in the
       /etc/resolv.conf file.  Specifies  one  of  the	following  parameters:
       Specifies  the  ARPA  Internet.	 Specifies  the	 Chaos network at MIT.
       Requires one of the following values: Host address Authoritative server
       Mail  destination Mail forwarder Canonical name Start of authority zone
       Mailbox domain name Mail group member Mail rename  name	NULL  resource
       record  Well known service Domain name pointer Host information Mailbox
       information Mail routing information User (finger) information User  ID
       Group ID Points to the data that is sent to the name server as a search
       key.  The data is stored as a character array.  Defines the size of the
       array  pointed to by the data parameter.	 Specifies a reserved and cur‐
       rently unused parameter.	 Points to a  location	containing  the	 query
       message.	  Specifies the length of the message pointed to by the buffer

       The res_mkquery() function makes packets for name servers in the Inter‐
       net  domain.  The res_mkquery() function makes a standard query message
       and places it in the location pointed to by the buffer parameter.

       The res_mkquery() function is one of a set of subroutines that form the
       resolver,  a set of functions that resolve domain names.	 Global infor‐
       mation that is used by the resolver functions is kept in the _res  data
       structure.  The /include/resolv.h file contains the _res data structure

       Upon successful completion, the res_mkquery() function returns the size
       of  the	query. If the query is larger than the value of the buf_length
       parameter, the function fails and returns a value of -1.

       If an error occurs during a resolver operation,	the  h_errno  external
       variable	 is  set.   Error  code	 values	 and  reasons  are  defined in

       Contains the name server and domain name.

       Functions: dn_comp(3), dn_expand(3), dn_find(3), dn_skipname(3),	 _get‐
       long(3),	   _getshort(3),    putlong(3),	   putshort(3),	  res_init(3),
       res_query(3), res_search(3), res_send(3).


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