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Digital UNIX Diffs - rename(5)			Digital UNIX Diffs - rename(5)

       rename -	 Renames a directory or a file within a file system

       #include <stdio.h>
       int rename (
	       char *from,
	       char *to );

       Identifies  the	file  or  directory to be renamed.  Identifies the new
       pathname of the file or directory to be renamed.

       vms-files(5): OpenVMS File System Differences

       The syntax of to and from filenames is different on UNIX	 and  OpenVMS.
       File names on OpenVMS are also case insensitive.

       rename(2)  on  OpenVMS  has similar features to the DCL rename command.
       This results in the following differences:

       OpenVMS supports multiple versions of files; UNIX  does	not.   If  you
       rename "xyz.dat" to """ on OpenVMS, only the most recent version
       of this file is renamed.	 The prior version becomes  the	 current  ver‐
       sion.  On UNIX, the from file will not longer exist.

       On  OpenVMS,  if	 the  from file has no file extension (e.g. ".c"), the
       file extension of the to file is assumed.  UNIX does not	 support  this
       behavior (file extensions are just a naming convention).

       On  OpenVMS  if to names a directory and from names a file, the file is
       renamed to the target directory.	 On UNIX, to and  from	must  both  be
       files or directories.

       OpenVMS supports wildcards in from; UNIX does not.

       Both  systems  don't  support  renaming	an  open file.	On OpenVMS the
       results are undefined; on UNIX you get an [EBUSY] error.

       Functions:  rename(2)


       delim off

						Digital UNIX Diffs - rename(5)

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