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re_comp(3)							    re_comp(3)

       re_comp, re_exec - Handle regular expressions

       #include <regex.h>

       char *re_comp(
	       char *string ); int re_exec(
	       char *string );

       Standard C Library (libc)

       Interfaces  documented on this reference page conform to industry stan‐
       dards as follows:

       re_comp(), re_exec():  XPG4-UNIX

       Refer to the standards(5) reference page	 for  more  information	 about
       industry standards and associated tags.

       Points to the string that is to be matched or converted.

       The re_comp() function converts a string into an internal form suitable
       for pattern  matching.  The  re_exec()  function	 compares  the	string
       pointed	to  by the string parameter with the last string passed to the
       re_comp() function.

       When the re_comp() function is passed a value of 0 (zero) or NULL,  the
       regular expression currently being converted remains unchanged.

       Strings	passed	to both the re_comp() and re_exec() functions may have
       trailing or embedded newline characters;	 however,  these  strings  are
       terminated by a zero byte.

       The  re_comp()  and  re_exec() functions support simple regular expres‐
       sions, which are defined in the grep(1) reference page.

       The re_comp() and re_exec() interfaces are scheduled  to	 be  withdrawn
       from a future version of the X/Open CAE Specification.

       These interfaces are obsolete; they are guaranteed to function properly
       only in the C/POSIX locale and should be avoided. Use  the  POSIX  reg‐
       comp() interface in place of re_comp() and re_exec().

       The  re_comp()  function	 returns  a  value of 0 (zero) when the string
       pointed to by the string parameter is  successfully  converted;	other‐
       wise, an error message string is returned.

       Upon successful completion, the re_exec() function returns a value of 1
       if string matches the last compiled regular expression. Otherwise,  the
       re_exec()  function  returns  a	value  of 0 (zero), if string fails to
       match the last compiled regular expression, and a value of -1,  if  the
       compiled regular expression is invalid (indicating an internal error).

       Functions: regcomp(3)

       Commands: grep(1)

       Standards: standards(5)


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