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RAWTORLE(1)							   RAWTORLE(1)

       rawtorle - Convert raw image data to RLE.

       rawtorle	 [  -N ] [ -s ] [ -r ] [ -w width ] [ -h height ] [ -f header-
       size ] [ -t trailer-size ] [ -n nchannels ] [ -a [ alpha-value ] ] [ -p
       scanline-pad ] [ -l left-scanline-pad ] [ -o outfile ] [ infile ]

       This  program is used to convert image data in any of a number of "raw"
       forms to the RLE(5) format.  The expected input size is	computed  from
       the  arguments, so that several images may be concatenated together and
       will be processed in sequence.  In this case, the output file will con‐
       tain several RLE images.

       -N     The  input is in non-interleaved order, as might be generated by
	      the command
	      cat pic.r pic.g pic.b

       -s     The input is in scanline interleaved order.

       -r     Reverse the channel order.  (E.g., data will be  interpreted  as
	      ABGR instead of RGBA.)

       -w width
	      Specify the width of the input image.

       -h height
	      Specify the height of the input image.

       -f header-size
	      This  many  bytes	 will be skipped before starting to read image

       -t trailer-size
	      This many bytes will be skipped at the end of the image data.

       -n nchannels
	      The input data has this many color channels.

       -a [alpha-value]
	      Generate a constant alpha channel.  The default value for alpha-
	      value is 255.

       -p scanline-pad
	      This many bytes will be skipped at the end of each scanline.

       -l left-scanline-pad
	      This  many  bytes will be skipped at the beginning of each scan‐

       -o outfile
	      If specified, output will be written to this file, otherwise  it
	      will go to stdout.

       infile The  input will be read from this file, otherwise, input will be
	      taken from stdin.

       The input data is assumed to have an alpha channel if there are 2 or  4
       channels.   The	alpha  channel	is the last input channel unless -r is
       specified, in which case it is the first.

       512x512 grayscale
	      rawtorle -w 512 -h 512 -n 1

       640x512 raw RGB
	      rawtorle -w 640 -h 512 -n 3

	      cat picture.[rgb] | rawtorle -w 640 -h 512 -n 3 -N -r
	      (I.e., separate red, green, blue	image  files.	This  subsumes

       JPL ODL Voyager pics
	      rawtorle -w 800 -h 800 -f 2508 -t 1672 -n 1 -p 36

       24bit Sun raster file
	      rawtorle -f 32 -w ... -h ... -n 3
	      (But rastorle(1) is easier.)

	      cat pic.* | rawtorle -w ... -h ... -n 3 -s -r
	      (I.e., each color of each scanline is in a separate file.)

       graytorle(1), rastorle(1), urt(1), RLE(5).

       Martin Friedmann

4th Berkeley Distribution	     1990			   RAWTORLE(1)

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