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ranhash(3)							    ranhash(3)

       ranhashinit,  ranhash,  ranlookup - access routine for the symbol table
       definition file in archives

       #include <ldfcn.h>

       int ranhashinit(
	       struct ranlib *pran,
	       char *pstr,
	       int size ); ranhash(
	       char *name ); struct ranlib *ranlookup(
	       char *name );

       Points to an array of ranlib structures.	 Points to  the	 corresponding
       ranlib  string table (which are used only by ranlookup).	 Specifies the
       size of the hash table and should be a power of 2. If the size is not a
       power of 2, a 1 is returned; otherwise, a 0 is returned.

       The ranhashinit() routine initializes static information for future use
       by ranhash() and ranlookup().

       The ranhash() routine, given a name, returns a hash number. It  uses  a
       multiplicative	hashing	 algorithm  and	 the  size  argument  to  ran‐

       The ranlookup() routine looks up name in the ranlib table specified  by
       ranhashinit().	It  uses  the  ranhash()  routine as a starting point.
       Then, it does a rehash from there. This routine returns a pointer to  a
       valid ranlib entry on a match. If no matches are found (the “emptiness”
       can be inferred if the ran_off field is zero), the empty ranlib	struc‐
       ture  hash  table should be sparse. This routine does not expect to run
       out of places to look in the table. For example, if you collide on  all
       entries	in  the	 table,	 an  error  is printed to stderr and a zero is

       Mark I. Himelstein



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