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pthread_nsg_get(3)					    pthread_nsg_get(3)

       pthread_nsg_get	-  Gets the list of threads in a NUMA Scheduling Group
       (libpthread library)

       #include <numa.h>

       int pthread_nsg_get(
	       nsgid_t nsg,
	       pthread_t *list,
	       long size );

       Specifies the NUMA Scheduling Group (NSG) from which  to	 retrieve  the
       list  of threads.  Specifies the address of the array of thread identi‐
       fiers where the list of threads will be written.	  Specifies  the  size
       (in  number  of	thread	identifiers)  of  the  array where the list of
       threads will be written.

       The pthread_nsg_get() returns into the buffer pointed  to  by  list  an
       array  of  nsg_thread  structures containing the process ids and thread
       indexes for all threads attached to the specified NSG. The  list	 argu‐
       ment  specifies the number of nsg_thread structures that the array must

       To  obtain  the	value  for  size,  the	application  can  first	  call
       pthread_nsg_get()  with	list  set to null and read in the value of the
       nsg_nthread member in the nsgid_ds structure that the call returns.  On
       the   second  call  to  pthread_nsg_get(),  the	application  uses  the
       nsg_nthread value for size and includes the appropriate value for list.

       The effective user ID of the calling process must be equal to the value
       of  nsg_perm.cuid or nsg_perm.uid in the associated nsgid_ds structure;
       or the calling process must have read permissions to the NSG.

       Success.	 Failure. In this case, the  returned  integer	indicates  the
       type of error. Possible errors are as follows: The calling process does
       not have read permission on the NSG.  The nsg argument does not specify
       a valid NSG identifier, or the nsg argument is not a valid address.


       Functions:      nsg_attach_pid(3),      nsg_get(3),	numa_intro(3),

       Files: numa_types(4)


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