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pthread_key_setname_np(3)			     pthread_key_setname_np(3)

       pthread_key_setname_np  -  Change  the object name in a thread-specific
       data key object

       #include <pthread.h>

       int pthread_key_setname_np(
	       pthread_key_t *key,
	       const char *name,
	       void *mbz );

       DECthreads POSIX 1003.1c Library (

       Address of the thread-specific data key object whose object name is  to
       be  changed.   Object  name value to copy into the thread-specific data
       key object.  Reserved for future use. The value must be zero (0).

       This routine changes the object name in the  thread-specific  data  key
       object  specified  by key to the value specified by name.  To set a new
       thread-specific data key object's object name, call this routine	 imme‐
       diately after initializing the key object.

       The  object name is a C language string and provides an identifier that
       is meaningful to a person debugging a  multithreaded  application.  The
       maximum number of characters in the object name is 31.

       If  an  error  condition	 occurs, this routine returns an integer value
       indicating the type of error. Possible return values  are  as  follows:
       Successful  completion.	The value specified by key is not a valid key,
       or the length in characters of name exceeds  31.	  Insufficient	memory
       exists to create a copy of the object name string.


       Functions: pthread_key_getname_np(3)

       Manuals: Guide to DECthreads and Programmer's Guide


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