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psignal(3scl)							 psignal(3scl)

       psignal, psiginfo - writes signal information to standard error

       SCL Miscellaneous Library (, libsolmisc.a)

       #include <siginfo.h>

       void psignal(int sig,
		    const char * s);

       void psiginfo(siginfo_t *pinfo,
		     char *s);

       Specifies  the  signal  number. The message pertaining to this value is
       written to standard error.  Pointer to a siginfo_t structure from which
       the  signal  number is obtained Specifies a text string that is to pre‐
       cede the message pertaining to the signal

       The psignal() and psiginfo() functions output a	text  message  to  the
       standard	 error	stream. The message describes a signal. Typical use of
       these functions is from within signal handlers. The sig	argument  con‐
       tains the signal number (passed as the first parameter to a signal han‐

       The pinfo argument is a pointer to a siginfo_t structure	 (also	passed
       to  the signal handler as the second parameter). In both functions, the
       s argument contains a string which is written to standard error	first,
       followed	 by  a	colon and space, followed by the message pertaining to
       the signal number and, finally, a  newline  character.  The  psiginfo()
       function additionally appends the process id to the text message.

       The  text message describing the signal may be different from that out‐
       put by Solaris.

       The supported signals reflect those of Tru64 UNIX rather	 than  Solaris
       as  some of the signals defined on Solaris are not implemented by Tru64
       UNIX. Examine sys/signal.h to determine the signals that are supported.

       The signal numbers defined for a given name (for example, SIGUSR1)  may
       differ  between Tru64 UNIX and Solaris, therefore use of symbolic names
       within source code is strongly recommended.

       These functions do not return any values.

       Functions: sigaction(2), signal(2)

       Files: signal(4)

       Manual: Solaris Compatibility Library User's Guide


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