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       pset_getloadavg - get system load averages for a processor set

       #include <sys/pset.h>
       #include <sys/loadavg.h>

       int pset_getloadavg(psetid_t pset, double loadavg[], int nelem);

       The pset_getloadavg() function returns the number of processes assigned
       to the specified processor set that are in the system run queue,	 aver‐
       aged  over  various periods of time.  Up to nelem samples are retrieved
       and assigned to successive elements of loadavg[].  The system imposes a
       maximum	of 3 samples, representing averages over the last 1, 5, and 15
       minutes, respectively.

       The LOADAVG_1MIN, LOADAVG_5MIN, and LOADAVG_15MIN indices, defined   in
       <sys/loadavg.h>,	 can  be used to extract the data from the appropriate
       element of the loadavg[] array.

       If pset is PS_NONE, the load average for processes not  assigned	 to  a
       processor set is returned.

       If pset is PS_MYID, the load average for the processor set to which the
       caller is bound is returned.  If the caller is not bound to a processor
       set, the result is the same as if PS_NONE was specified.

       Upon  successful	 completion, the number of samples  actually retrieved
       is returned. If the load average was unobtainable or the processor  set
       does not exist, −1 is returned and errno is set to indicate the error.

       The pset_getloadavg() function will fail if:

		 The  number  of  elements  specified  is  less	 than 0, or an
		 invalid processor set ID was specified.

		 The caller is in a non-global zone,  the  pools  facility  is
		 active,  and  the  specified processor set is not that of the
		 zone's pool.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       │Interface Stability │ Stable		│
       │MT-Level	    │ Async-Signal-Safe │

       uptime(1), w(1), psrset(1M), prstat(1M), pset_bind(2),  pset_create(2),
       Kstat(3PERL), attributes(5)

				 Jun 28, 2004		   PSET_GETLOADAVG(3C)

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