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prpasswdd(8)							  prpasswdd(8)

       prpasswdd - Enhanced security daemon

       /usr/sbin/prpasswdd  [-lifetime secs] [-reply_lifetime secs] [-depth n]

       Enables request logging by the auth facility  in	 syslog.  This	should
       only  be	 used  for debugging, because the volume of logged data can be
       considerable.  Limits the number of remembered entries kept  cached  in
       memory (for speed).  The default depth is unlimited.  Limits the amount
       of time (in seconds) that remembered entries are kept cached in memory.
       The  default  lifetime  is 1 hour (3600 seconds).  Limits the amount of
       time (in seconds) that client transactions are remembered for fast  RPC
       replies.	 The  default reply lifetime is 6 minutes (360 seconds), which
       allows for minimum of 5 minutes built  into  the	 client	 library  code
       before timing out a given transaction request.

       The  enhanced  security	daemon,	 prpasswdd, manages writes to the pro‐
       tected password authentication database, as well as the other  enhanced
       security	 databases.  It	 prevents  file lock contention among multiple
       writers.	 A strict C2 security policy, which is optionally configurable
       using  enhanced	security, requires each user login or login failure to
       be recorded in the protected password  authentication  database.	 These
       updates, in combination with password changes and system administration
       functions affecting user accounts, are coordinated by the daemon.

       Clients communicate with the daemon using rpc. Two daemon processes,  a
       parent  and  a  child, exist on a system running enhanced security. The
       daemon is controlled  from  /sbin/init.d/prpasswd,  which  accepts  the
       start,  stop,  and  restart  commands.  The  active daemon is the child
       process, which writes its PID to the /var/run/ file.

       The daemon services requests from the  localhost	 address  (,
       or,  for TruCluster Server V5.0 systems, from the default cluster alias
       address.	 Requests from other addresses or  from	 non-privileged	 ports
       are rejected.


       The prpasswdd daemon is not required for proper functioning of the sys‐
       tem or cluster; it was added to	improve	 performance  on  systems  and
       clusters	 with  high  login  rates.  If this enhancement is not needed,
       specify the following command on every node in a cluster	 to  stop  the
       prpasswdd daemon: # /sbin/init.d/prpasswd stop

       Also  specify  the  following  command  once  in the cluster to prevent
       prpasswdd from restarting on reboot: # /usr/sbin/rcmgr -c  set  PRPASS‐
       WDD_ARGS '-disable'







       Commands: login(1), dxaccounts(8), edauth(8), useradd(8)

       Functions:  putespwnam(3), putestcnam(3), putesdfnam(3), putesdvnam(3),

       Files: authcap(4),  default(4),	devassign(4),  files(4),  prpasswd(4),


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