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prestotab(4)							  prestotab(4)

       prestotab - Lists the file systems for Prestoserve to accelerate


       The  /etc/prestotab  file  contains  descriptive	 information about the
       mounted file systems whose I/O will be automatically  accelerated  with
       Prestoserve  when  the  system  starts up.  This file is created by the
       prestosetup command, which prompts you for the file systems to automat‐
       ically  accelerate  when	 the  system starts up.	 You can also manually
       create the file.

       The /etc/rc.config file contains variables that specify the Prestoserve
       configuration.	If you configure Prestoserve to automatically acceler‐
       ate file systems when the system starts	up,  the  Prestoserve  startup
       script  (/sbin/init.d/presto) accelerates the mounted file systems that
       are specified in the /etc/prestotab file or, if the file	 is  empty  or
       does  not exist, all the local writable file systems that are currently

       The /etc/prestotab file contains a list of directory mount points  (for
       example,	 /usr/users).	Block  devices	should not be included because
       some functional subsystems, such as the Advanced File  System  (AdvFS),
       can map more than one block device to a mount point.

       Entries	in the /etc/prestotab file must be separated by spaces or must
       be located on separate lines.  You cannot specify comments in the file.

       An example of the /etc/prestotab file is as  follows:  /usr/users/disk1
       /usr/users/disk2 /var/spool

       File pathname.

       Commands: presto(8), prestosetup(8)

       Guide to Prestoserve delim off


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