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praliases(1)							  praliases(1)

       praliases - display system mail aliases

       praliases [-f filename] [--] [alias_name...]

       Displays the aliases using the specified dbm file instead of the system
       aliases file.

       The alias name to find. If no aliases are given, then the  entire  con‐
       tents of the dbm file are displayed.

       The  praliases  command displays system aliases used by the sendmail(8)
       program. If no arguments are given, the praliases command displays  all
       of the system aliases contained in the file /var/adm/sendmail/aliases.

       An alternative file can be specified using the -f option.

       Specific	 aliases  can  be  displayed  by  specifying one or more alias

       [Tru64 UNIX]  Aliases can be created either with or without the	termi‐
       nating null character ('\0\') considered to be part of the name.	 Under
       Tru64 UNIX, an attempt is made to find either version;  other  vendor's
       implementations may check only for the key with an embedded NULL.

       [Tru64  UNIX]  The system aliases file under Tru64 UNIX is stored under
       the /var/adm/sendmail directory.	 Other	vendor's  implementations  may
       expect the file to exist under the /etc directory.

       The    following	   exit	   values   are	  returned   as	  defined   in
       /usr/include/sysexits.h: No errors occurred.  An invalid	 argument  was
       specified.  The specified dbm file does not exists.

       To  display  all	 of  the system aliases, enter: praliases To display a
       mailing list called foo, enter: praliases foo To display	 the  contents
       of a dbm file my_list, enter: praliases -f my_list

       Commands:  makemap(8)

       Files:  aliases(4)


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