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pppoa3(8)							     pppoa3(8)

       pppoa3  -  ppp(d)  PPP over ATM interface for SpeedTouch USB and Speed‐
       Touch 330 modem

       pppoa3 [OPTION]... -vpi value1 -vci value2

       pppoa3 allows ppp(d) to	communicate  with  the	SpeedTouch  USB	 modem
       through	a  PTY interface. It manages PPP encapsulation into ATM cells,
       which are then send as aal5 packets to the modem through the  USB  bus.
       Unlike pppoa2, pppoa3 uses threads to do its job (for more details read
       the pppoax-doc-[en,fr].txt document shipped with the driver)

       You have to carefully set your vpi and vci  values  according  to  your
       country settings.

       Here are some values :

       vpi.vci = 8.48 for Netherlands
		 8.35 for France
		 8.67 for France (bis)
		 8.35 for Belgium
		 8.35 for Italy
		 0.38 for UK

       -vpi vpi_value
	      Defines vpi value

       -vci vci_value
	      Defines vci value

       --async, -a
	      Force Async mode for ppp communication.

       --bridging, -b
	      Bridging 1483 mode (PPPoE support).

       --clean, -c
	      Clean previous instance of pppoa3 according to modem ID

       --device, -d device_filename
	      Defines  which  USB  device should be used as the SpeedTouch USB
	      modem. On Linux, this is something  like	/proc/bus/usb/003/006.
	      Usefull when using more than one modem on the same machine.

       --alt-ep, -e alternate_number
	      Use  an  alternate  endpoint  interface.	The value 1 is used if
	      nothing is specified as it works with all modem revision. If you
	      specify  -1,  no	alternate endpoint interface will be selected,
	      using the one selected by the system.

       --filename, -f log_filename (syslogd unavailable)
	      Defines	  the	  log	  filename     to     use     (Default

       --modem, -m ModemID
	      Defines  a  modem	 ID  so you can use more than one modem on the
	      same machine running differents pppoa3 with different modem  IDs
	      (Default 1)

       --pipe, -p
	      Enables  named  pipe control thread (See the -ph option for more

       --schedule, -s policy
	      Defines the schedule policy used for the io threads
		  0 - SCHED_OTHER (Non realtime / default)
		  1 - SCHED_RR	  (Realtime round-robin)
		  2 - SCHED_FIFO  (Realtime fifo)

       --verbose level, -v level
	      Verbosity level
		  - 0 Main messages + Error messages
		  - 1 level 0 + State/Warnings messages
		  - 2 level 1 + More debug info
		  - 3 level 2 + USB packet dumping (can cause driver crash)

       --pipehelp, -ph
	      Prints an helpfull control pipe command list (See next section)

       --help, -h
	      Prints a help message

       pppoa3 can start a control pipe thread when -p option is	 set  or  when
       pppoa3  receives	 a SIGUSR2 signal. This pipe allows you to send simple
       commands to pppoa3 in order to modify its behaviour without  restarting

       To execute a command, you just have to type :

	   # echo command > /var/run/pppoa3-modemID.pipe

       Command List

	      Defines  the  verbosity  level (See previous section for ´level´

	      Defines the schedule policy of the 2 IO  threads	(See  previous
	      section for ´policy´ meaning)

	      ´entity´ is one of those strings
		   pipe	 -> this turn off the pipe option
		   pppoa -> this simulates a modem hangup event


       # echo "verbose=2" > /var/run/pppoa3-modem1.pipe"

       # echo "kill=pppoa" > /var/run/pppoa3-modem1.pipe"

       0 on success, any other value on failure

       modem_run(8), pppoa2(8)

       SpeedTouch USB driver development team.

SpeedTouch USB driver		   May 2004			     pppoa3(8)

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