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ppmchange(1)							  ppmchange(1)

       ppmchange  -  change  all  pixels of one color to another in a portable

       ppmchange oldcolor newcolor [...]  [ppmfile]

       Reads a portable pixmap as input.  Changes all pixels  of  oldcolor  to
       newcolor,  leaving  all	others	unchanged.   Up	 to  256 colors may be
       replaced by specifying couples of colors on the command line.

       The colors can be specified in five ways:

       o      A name, assuming that a pointer to an X11-style color names file
	      was compiled in.

       o      An  X11-style  hexadecimal specifier: rgb:r/g/b, where r g and b
	      are each 1- to 4-digit hexadecimal numbers.

       o      An X11-style decimal specifier: rgbi:r/g/b, where r g and b  are
	      floating point numbers between 0 and 1.

       o      For  backwards  compatibility, an old-X11-style hexadecimal num‐
	      ber: #rgb, #rrggbb, #rrrgggbbb, or #rrrrggggbbbb.

       o      For backwards compatibility, a triplet of numbers	 separated  by
	      commas:  r,g,b,  where  r	 g  and	 b  are floating point numbers
	      between 0 and 1.	(This style was added before MIT came up  with
	      the similar rgbi style.)

       pgmtoppm(1), ppm(5)

       Wilson  H.  Bent. Jr. (whb@usc.edu) with modifications by Alberto Acco‐
       mazzi (alberto@cfa.harvard.edu)

				3 December 1993			  ppmchange(1)

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