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PCL(4)		       BSD/vax Kernel Interfaces Manual			PCL(4)

     pcl — DEC CSS PCL-11 B Network Interface

     device pcl0 at uba? csr 164200 vector pclxint pclrint

     The pcl device provides an IP-only interface to the DEC CSS PCL-11 time
     division multiplexed network bus.	The controller itself is not accessi‐
     ble to users.

     The hosts's address is specified with the SIOCSIFADDR ioctl(2).  The
     interface will not transmit or receive any data before its address is

     As the PCL-11 hardware is only capable of having 15 interfaces per net‐
     work, a single-byte host-on-network number is used, with range [1..15] to
     match the TDM bus addresses of the interfaces.

     The interface currently only supports the Internet protocol family and
     only provides “natural” (header) encapsulation.

     pcl%d: can't init.	 Insufficient UNIBUS resources existed to initialize
     the device.  This is likely to occur when the device is run on a buffered
     data path on an 11/750 and other network interfaces are also configured
     to use buffered data paths, or when it is configured to use buffered data
     paths on an 11/730 (which has none).

     pcl%d: can't handle af%d.	The interface was handed a message with
     addresses formatted in an unsuitable address family;  the packet was

     pcl%d: stray xmit interrupt.  An interrupt occurred when no output had
     previously been started.

     pcl%d: master.  The TDM bus had no station providing ``bus master'' tim‐
     ing signals, so this interface has assumed the ``master'' role.  This
     message should only appear at most once per UNIBUS INIT on a single sys‐
     tem.  Unless there is a hardware failure, only one station may be master
     at at time.

     pcl%d: send error, tcr=%b, tsr=%b.	 The device indicated a problem send‐
     ing data on output.  If a ``receiver offline'' error is detected, it is
     not normally logged unless the option PCL_TESTING has been selected, as
     this causes a lot of console chatter when sending to a down machine.
     However, this option is quite useful when debugging problems with the PCL

     pcl%d: rcv error, rcr=%b rsr=%b.  The device indicated a problem receiv‐
     ing data on input.

     pcl%d: bad len=%d.	 An input operation resulted in a data transfer of
     less than 0 or more than 1008 bytes of data into memory (according to the
     word count register).  This should never happen as the maximum size of a
     PCL message has been agreed upon to be 1008 bytes (same as ArpaNet mes‐

     intro(4), inet(4)

     The pcl interface appeared in 4.2BSD.

4.2 Berkeley Distribution	 June 5, 1993	     4.2 Berkeley Distribution

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