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       pcap_list_datalinks,  pcap_free_datalinks  -  get  a list of link-layer
       header types supported by a capture device, and free that list

       #include <pcap/pcap.h>

       int pcap_list_datalinks(pcap_t *p, int **dlt_buf);
       void pcap_free_datalinks(int *dlt_list);

       pcap_list_datalinks() is used to get a list of the supported link-layer
       header  types  of  the  interface  associated with the pcap descriptor.
       pcap_list_datalinks() allocates an array to  hold  the  list  and  sets
       *dlt_buf to point to that array.

       The    caller	is    responsible   for	  freeing   the	  array	  with
       pcap_free_datalinks(), which frees the list of link-layer header	 types
       pointed to by dlt_list.

       It  must	 not  be  called on a pcap descriptor created by pcap_create()
       that has not yet been activated by pcap_activate().

       pcap_list_datalinks() returns the number of link-layer header types  in
       the  array  on success, PCAP_ERROR_NOT_ACTIVATED if called on a capture
       handle that has been created but not activated, and PCAP_ERROR (-1)  on
       other  errors.	If  PCAP_ERROR is returned, pcap_geterr() or pcap_per‐
       ror() may be called with p as an argument to fetch or display the error

       pcap(3PCAP),    pcap_geterr(3PCAP),   pcap_datalink_val_to_name(3PCAP),

				22 August 2010	    PCAP_LIST_DATALINKS(3PCAP)

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