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       pcap_dump_open, pcap_dump_fopen - open a file to which to write packets

       #include <pcap/pcap.h>

       pcap_dumper_t *pcap_dump_open(pcap_t *p, const char *fname);
       pcap_dumper_t *pcap_dump_fopen(pcap_t *p, FILE *fp);

       pcap_dump_open()	 is  called to open a ``savefile'' for writing.	 fname
       specifies the name of the file to open. The file	 will  have  the  same
       format  as those used by tcpdump(1) and tcpslice(1).  The name "-" in a
       synonym for stdout.

       pcap_dump_fopen() is called to write data to an	existing  open	stream
       fp.  Note that on Windows, that stream should be opened in binary mode.

       p  is  a	 capture or ``savefile'' handle returned by an earlier call to
       pcap_create() and activated by an earlier call to  pcap_activate(),  or
       returned	 by  an earlier call to pcap_open_offline(), pcap_open_live(),
       or pcap_open_dead().  The link-layer type and snapshot  length  from  p
       are used as the link-layer type and snapshot length of the output file.

       A pointer to a pcap_dumper_t structure to use in subsequent pcap_dump()
       and pcap_dump_close() calls is returned on success.  NULL  is  returned
       on failure.  If NULL is returned, pcap_geterr(p) can be used to get the
       error text.

       pcap(3PCAP), pcap_create(3PCAP),	 pcap_activate(3PCAP),	pcap_open_off‐
       line(3PCAP),	   pcap_open_live(3PCAP),	pcap_open_dead(3PCAP),
       pcap_dump(3PCAP),  pcap_dump_close(3PCAP),  pcap_geterr(3PCAP),	 pcap-

				 5 April 2008		 PCAP_DUMP_OPEN(3PCAP)

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