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pbmtext(1)							    pbmtext(1)

       pbmtext - render text into a bitmap

       pbmtext [-font fontfile] [-builtin fontname] [text]

       Takes the specified text, either a single line from the command line or
       multiple lines from standard input, and renders it into a bitmap.

       By default, pbmtext uses a built-in font called bdf (about a  10	 point
       Times-Roman  font).   You  can  use  a  fixed  width font by specifying
       -builtin fixed.

       You can also specify your own font with the -font flag.	 The  fontfile
       is either a BDF file from the X window system or a PBM file.

       If  the	fontfile  is a PBM file, it is created in a very specific way.
       In your window system of choice, display	 the  following	 text  in  the
       desired (fixed-width) font:

	   M ",/^_[`jpqy| M

	   /  !"#$%&'()*+ /
	   < ,-./01234567 <
	   > 89:;<=>?@ABC >
	   { \]^_`abcdefg {
	   } hijklmnopqrs }
	   ~ tuvwxyz{|}~  ~

	   M ",/^_[`jpqy| M

       Do  a  screen grab or window dump of that text, using for instance xwd,
       xgrabsc, or screendump.	Convert the result into a pbm file.  If necesā€
       sary, use pnmcut to remove everything except the text.  Finally, run it
       through pnmcrop to make sure the edges are right up against  the	 text.
       pbmtext can figure out the sizes and spacings from that.

       pbm(5), pnmcut(1), pnmcrop(1)

       Copyright (C) 1993 by Jef Poskanzer and George Phillips

				26 October 1993			    pbmtext(1)

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