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       pam_set_data,  pam_get_data  - PAM routines to maintain module specific

       cc [ flag ... ] file ... -lpam [ library ... ]
       #include <security/pam_appl.h>

       int pam_set_data(pam_handle_t *pamh,
	    const char *module_data_name, void *data,
	    void  (*cleanup) (pam_handle_t *pamh, void *data,
	    int pam_end_status));

       int pam_get_data(const pam_handle_t *pamh,
	    const char *module_data_name, const void **data);

       The pam_set_data() and pam_get_data() functions allow PAM service  mod‐
       ules to access and update module specific information as needed.	 These
       functions should not be used by applications.

       The pam_set_data() function stores module specific data within the  PAM
       handle  pamh.  The  module_data_name  argument  uniquely identifies the
       data, and the data argument  represents	the  actual  data.   The  mod‐
       ule_data_name argument should be unique across all services.

       The  cleanup  function frees up any memory used by the data after it is
       no longer needed, and is invoked by  pam_end().	The  cleanup  function
       takes as its arguments a pointer to the	PAM handle, pamh, a pointer to
       the actual data, data, and a status code,  pam_end_status.  The	status
       code determines exactly what state information needs to be  purged.

       If  pam_set_data()  is  called  and  module data already exists	from a
       prior call to  pam_set_data() under the same module_data_name, then the
       existing	 data  is  replaced  by the new data, and the existing cleanup
       function is replaced by the new cleanup function.

       The pam_get_data() function retrieves module-specific  data  stored  in
       the  PAM handle, pamh, identified by the unique name, module_data_name.
       The data argument is assigned the address of the	 requested  data.  The
       data  retrieved by pam_get_data() should not be modified or freed.  The
       data will be released by pam_end().

       In addition to the return values listed	in  pam(3PAM),	the  following
       value may also be returned:

			     No module specific data is present.

       See attributes(5) for description of the following attributes:

       │Interface Stability │  Stable		      │
       │MT-Level	    │ MT-Safe with exceptions │

       pam(3PAM), pam_end(3PAM), libpam(3LIB), attributes(5)

       The  interfaces	in   libpam are MT-Safe only if each thread within the
       multithreaded application uses its own  PAM handle.

				 Oct 13, 1998		    PAM_SET_DATA(3PAM)

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