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ntptime(8)							    ntptime(8)

       ntptime - read and set kernel time variables

       ntptime	[  -chr ] [ -e est_error ] [ -f frequency ] [ -m max_error ] [
       -o offset ] [ -s status ] [ -t time_constant]

       This program is useful only with special kernels	 described  in	the  A
       Kernel  Model  for  Precision  Timekeeping  page. It reads and displays
       time-related kernel variables using the ntp_gettime()  system  call.  A
       similar	display	 can  be obtained using the ntpdc program and kerninfo

       -c      Display the execution time of ntptime itself.

       -e est_error
	       Specify estimated error, in microseconds.

       -f frequency
	       Specify frequency offset, in parts per million.

       -h      Display help information.

       -m max_error
	       Specify max possible errors, in microseconds.

       -o offset
	       Specify clock offset, in microseconds.

       -r      Display Unix and NTP times in raw format.

       -s status
	       Specify clock status. Better know what you are doing.

       -t time_constant
	       Specify time constant, an integer in the range 0-10.

       ntpd(8), ntpdate(8)

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